Your Doctor Your Place 24/7

Personalized care, from the comfort of your couch


Contact a Doctor in 3 steps:





Contact the designated Phone number or log into your member portal to schedule an appointment with a physician in your state.





A care coordinator will speak to you and assess your particular situation, and will go on to update your Electronic Health Record accordingly.





Consult with a Physician, who then recommends treatment. If prescriptions are necessary, they can be sent to your pharmacy of choice.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine offers a new pathway to wellness. An easier, smoother healthcare experience. Get treatment you can trust, to ailments that would otherwise require hundreds of dollars and hours of tedium to cure. Say goodbye to fruitless Doctors visits, and experience the joys of readily available Telemedical care today!

What we offer

Doctors you can trust

 Accessadoctor™ grants you quick access to Doctors licensed in your state, that are ready to provide you with reliable care.

Excellent Counselors, willing to help you through tough times.

All of this, without you ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Time & Money

We understand that every minute counts, so we are offering a more streamlined approach to healthcare, while providing you with transparent records. All without the hassle of busy offices and long wait times.

Family Care

We provide Healthcare for you and those you love. Each membership can have up to seven dependents under the primary user. All adults are granted individual and secure portals to remain 100% compliant with HIPPA guidelines.

Special Pricing

For Groups (3+), Organizations, and Businesses of all sizes, we are offering discounts per membership and premier support to get you up and running. Contact us or send us an email at CustomerService@Link2.Doctor to arrange a product demonstration and go over our services.

** We provide Doctors' Notes and Prescriptions to be fulfilled at your location of choice

Today is the day, you get the care you need